"Forgive and Forget"

You have heard this old saying, "Forgive and Forget."  One can forgive.  One can forget.  But, in my opinion, it is next to impossible to do both.  If there is someone in your life you need to forgive, chances are that person did something which left an emotional wound in your memory and upon your soul.  As such, it is hard to forget that person and that injury. 

In the saying, the "for" syllables in forgive and in forget leave an impression upon us.  Maybe that is why we have this old saying.  It is catchy.  But, I think it might be more accurate if we were to say, "Forgive and be Free."  Or, even more accurately, "Forgive and gain Freedom."  When you choose to forgive, you do not usually forget.  But, remembering does not continue to hold the emotionally searing pain any longer.  When you choose to forgive you are free to look to the future. You have not erased the past. Instead, you have put the past to rest.