Mar 2013

A Stunning Moment Over a Pizza

A few evenings ago, my wife and I were enjoying a pizza at a local pizza joint. Our conversation ranged from issues at work to how our, now, adult children were making their ways in the world. While talking about our daughter, I started to relate how she and I had had such a wonderful trip to the Netherlands almost a decade ago.

As soon as I said that, I thought, ”Wait a moment. There was something about that trip that didn’t sit well with me. What was it?” And then I remembered, “Oh! Of course, my daughter and I narrowly missed being murdered at the hands of drug dealing terrorists!” Then I realized, “I hadn’t thought about the Vondelpark shooting incident all that day and for at least one day prior.”

I had forgiven the gunman quite some time ago. Now, I was having brief periods of forgetting. What a blessing!